Saturday, August 24, 2013

taking advantage of some sales and finding some bargins

Went to Staples for my $9.99 case of paper, $.50 7" scissors, and $1.00 3 hole punch.

Made a fast stop at Walgreens, got my Milk, $2.99, 3 x 5 index cards $.39, and diet coke 2/$2.50 (not advertised in circular)

Went to the Salvation Army Family Thrift store on US1 and got Alex 2 pair of jeans, a zip up hoodie, with thumb holes, a really nice silk button up shirt, and 2 color shirts for school all for $20.00.

Then scooted next door to Goodwill. There they were having a sale on ALL kids clothes 2/$1.00.  Connor got 2 pair of shorts and 4 school shirts.  I also go Alex a suit jacket (don't ask) for $7.99, and a bathing suit and a pair of shorts they should have been $2.99 each, but the cashier after she rung them in said "those weren't kids were they?" and I said no they weren't and she was "oh well you just got them for the 2/$1.00 price"  GO ME!!!!

What a great economical shopping excursion!!!! Wish you all could have been there with me.