Sunday, July 28, 2013

Welcome to my blog!

I was at a birthday party yesterday, which was a lot of fun by the way. A few of us moms were sitting around and chatting and we got on the topic of how expensive everything is now, not big news and usually something that comes up in daily conversation right?  So I started telling them about all the sales I have seen around town and they were like how come you haven't told us? Why haven't you shared? Then one of the mom's (thanks Jenna!!) said I should be blogging this information or setting up a texting group or email group.  Well, blogging seemed the easiest for me so here we are. Welcome to my blog.  I will be sharing any sales information that I come across, as well as any recipes I come across that I try and how they went over with my family.  Feel free to leave me any feed back and comments love hearing from my friends!