Monday, July 29, 2013

Tried Pollo Tropical for the first time in years

Got a buy one 1/4 chicken w/2 sides get one free coupon for Pollo Tropical which just opened up (all you have to do is sign up on their webpage for emails and you can print one too) on Monteray and US1.
First off it was over an hour wait, the line was out the door the entire time I was there. 
Secondly, they kept running out of rice. Now the plus points, I thought the chicken was really good. Because they were out of rice when I ordered I ended up giving the Yucca w/ garlic a try. Eww. No garlic and no salt and it was a weird mushy thing. I have never had it before and I wont be again. The Kernal Corn was nice and crisp but needed salt. I love the little salsa/sauce bar. Took one of everything up there to give a try.
The staff was really nice and friendly and working their buns off to get people in and out.
Not sure I would be running back there anytime soon, but if I got another BOGO I would be there tomorrow, lol!