Friday, October 25, 2013

My take on Product Protection Plans

So it used to be when I was younger I would always by the insurance plan, extended warranty or whatever it was being called on anything that I bought and it was offered to me on.  Then I noticed over the years that I was just paying extra money because I never used the things.
When Jeremy and I got together he was very sure of the fact that we did not need to pay extra money for any kind of "protection plan" that we just needed to take care of our stuff.
And that works for a bit until you have kids and they are just little forces of nature that tend to destroy anything that they touch, but still we weren't spending the extra cash.  Actually, after Jeremy destroyed several phones I decided that the insurance plan for the phone would save me money.
Then along comes my cousin Jeri, who starts buying my boys all kinds of great and wonderful gifts, with protection plans (specifically the one at Wal-Mart)  So, Connor drops a $200.00 IPod and I contact the protection plan people and they say no problem here is a shipping label, send it back to us and we will give you a Wal-Mart gift card for the total purchase price plus tax.  And, with in 24 hrs I had it!  3 days later Connor proceeded to break Alex's IPod.  Rinse and repeat and 24 hrs later I had a Wal-Mart gift card for that one too.
Just recently Connor's bike broke, and to be honest we didn't have the money to repair it. He broke the chain, wore the tire down to the wires and needed a new tube.  So he has been without a bike for about a month.  Then, I remembered my wonderful cousin Jeri, bought that bike for him in March with the PRODUCT PROTECTION PLAN.  So, I was wondering exactly how would this work.  Do I go back to Wal-Mart and they fix it?  Were they going to make me mail it back to them?  If I had to mail it some place how do you box a bike?  Well they didn't need anything of the kind.  All they needed was proof we bought the bike and the plan mailed to them. 24 hours later I had my gift card and 24 hours later (Today) Connor is the proud owner of a brand new bike.
So, I bet you are wondering if I paid the extra money for the protection plan...
What do you think I did?
You bet your sweet bippy I did!
Now I don't have to worry at all about his bike for the next 2 years, help is just a call or a click away!!!