Thursday, September 19, 2013

Save A Lot 9/18/2013 10/1/2013

Ok so Save-A-Lot isn't my favorite store by any means, but we are getting to end of the month crunch to make the food budget last and frankly if you don't mind off brand names its the place to shop.

Having said that they get on my last nerve!  Ok so you CANT email, copy or anything you list you create on line, all it lets you do is print it.  So, I had to print the list, snap photos and then email the photos to myself to get the list in here for you all to see.

And please don't forget to take the quarter with you to get the cart or you can't use one. You have to rent them for 25 cents.  And they don't give you bags for free. So you can pay, but sort of defeats going there for bargins or bring your own bags or boxes.

Here is hoping that you can read these.  If not go directly to their website, the ad is on line for you to review.